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We’re Kilkennyweekends!

We're the one and only grandmaster of stag party func in Kilkenny, and we've been at it since '08. We've sent off so many lads in style, it'd make a leprechaun's cheeks turn red. And believe us, we've already made 10,000 of 'em as happy as a pig in a fresh pile of muck Ya can't argue with that kind of track record!

Planning the best send-off isn’t that easy, right?

So, we decided to start kilkennyweekends to make it easy for you. The only thing you’ll do is to recover from the Guinness hangover!

We ain’t magicians but a bunch of pros who know exactly how to pull off an epic stag party in this town. When you book with us, you can sit back, relax, and be amazed with our magical stag party skills!

Our magic will...

Born and raised in Kilkenny, we know all the best spots in Kilkenny for scenic views, craziest activities, and the most epic nightlife around.

You can’t find that deal somewhere else!

Only in kilkennyweekends!

We're like your trusty leprechaun wingmen, ready to make your stag party the talk of the town. We'll sprinkle in a bit of luck o' the Irish to ensure your shindig is everything you want it to be - and then some!

So, whether you're a pack of wild lads looking to raise some hell or a bunch of fancy-schmancy blokes looking for a more refined time, kilkennyweekends is the bees knees when it comes to stag parties. We'll make sure you have the craic of a lifetime, no matter what kind of shenanigans you have in mind.

Give us a shout today to start planning your epic stag party experience in Kilkenny!

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