Why book with us

10 Reasons Why You Should Book With Us

Aside from making more than 10,000 lads experience an Epic Stag Party in Galway, here’s 10 more reasons to book with us.

1. We’re the headmaster of the stag party game in Galway. We’re the first and one and only stag party provider in Galway with almost 20 years of experience. That probably sounds good, ya?

2. Why look more if we got everything you need? From tips and details to novelty items and full-on packages, we have all stag party needs.

3. We’ve tested everything out, so you don’t have to. We personally test 'em all out to make sure you're getting the cream of the crop. No dodgy activities on our watch, only the craic-ing good stuff!

4.You’ll be paying as easy as a round of pints at the pub. Don't be messin' around with those lads and their cash! We'll sort 'em out with our easy online payment system.

5. We’ve got your back and your wallet, too. We all know that the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow can be a bit stingy sometimes, and it might not cover the cost of a proper legendary stag party. Our budget-friendly options are the best bang for your quid, no compromises!

6. Connections? We have ‘em all. We've only gone and haggled ourselves some mighty fine deals with our trusted suppliers, and we're passing those sweet, sweet savings right onto you. We're not daft, we know everyone's broke after planning their own stag.

7. You’ll know the secret spots in Galway. We've scoured the length and breadth of Galway to find you the absolute best spots for your stag party. No breaking the bank either! We're Irish, after all, and we know the value of a good bargain.

8. You’re the real king. We're talking the whole kit and caboodle here - no need to lift a pint or even move a muscle. Let us sort everything out from start to finish, so all you have to do is enjoy the ride.

9. We have 10,000 happy lads under our belt. Don’t you think there’s a good reason for that? We're the lads who know how to throw a proper stag party. Just ask any of our happy customers - we'll make your night one to remember (or maybe forget, depending on how much you drink).

10. Not enough? You’ve probably missed this. You’re missing on some mad ideas for your stag party, luckily we got you. Check out our stag party packages here. And don’t be shy - you can customise your stag, and we’ll do our best to make it happen, even if it means stealing a donkey and riding it through the town square (we'll try to keep it legal though, no promises)