Terms and Conditions

Explanation of Terms

kilkennyweekends.com is referred to as “we” and “us” in these terms and conditions.

The event planner who has requested a price and accepted our T&C is referred to as “You.” You must be aware that when you sign the reservation form or check a box on the quote request, you are signing on everyone on the group’s behalf. If a limited corporation signs the booking form, “you” refers to that company.

“Event” refers to the entire vacation reservation made through kilkennyweekends.com, be it an energetic, social, or leisure.

Those making a telephone reservation accept kilkennyweekends.com without signing the reservation form.

Booking with kilkennyweekends.com

You can make a reservation over the phone using a credit card; by doing so, you immediately accept our terms and conditions. The group leader, who made the reservation, is accountable for the group’s collective behavior. The group leaders are responsible for obtaining all funds from the other members. All terms and conditions that the group must follow must be made known to the rest of the group by the group leader. Your group’s participants must be all at least 18 years old.

It is your duty as the event organiser to double-check your itinerary to make sure every component of the package is accurate. You are responsible for any inaccuracies on your itinerary that are not reported to kilkennyweekends.com within 48 hours of booking. After this point, errors might not be able to be changed.


All quotes provided by kilkennyweekends.com are valid for only seven days. Prices and package options are subject to vary based on weekend availability and any drop in group size.

Insurance & Participation

kilkennyweekends.com advises all groups to purchase travel insurance that will protect them from personal accidents, medical costs, evacuation in an emergency, loss of any money, and participation in risky activities.

Making Payments to kilkennyweekends.com

It is necessary for the organiser to pay a deposit. A written request from the group leader is required to add more group members after 21 days following the first booking. Please be informed that we will do everything possible to fulfill your request.

Unless otherwise indicated in writing, the final amount for the Arrangements must be paid 21 days before the date on which they begin. Your booking will be closed off on a Friday, three weeks before the event date. Prior to the final payment date, the group leader has the option of choosing to pay for the entire group at any time. All payments made after the group has dispersed will be subject to a request-only, €15 modification fee. Unfortunately, after the booking is closed, we might not be able to guarantee your spot. Please be aware that we cannot accept any last-minute additions the week before the event.

kilkennyweekends.com serves a large number of customers, hence we are unable to accept payments from each group member separately. Through our payment channel, you must make every payment online. A €10 admin fee will be applied to any member who has to make a payment over the phone. The applicable credit card surcharge will also be applied to your bill.

In order for us to reserve certain aspects of the weekend on your behalf, the deposit may need to be paid in full. You will be made aware in advance if this is the case. These tickets have a non-refundable price tag. These may consist of amusement parks, transportation, and show tickets, among other things.

We cannot guarantee that certain additional charges will be made if kilkennyweekends.com is not informed of any changes to your numbers at least 28 days before your weekend getaway.

We accept payments in the following methods:

Bank Transfer
Online Credit Card

(Please note: Credit Cards are surcharged 2.85% , Laser Cards are surcharged 30 cents, Visa/MasterCard Debit Cards are surcharged 65 cents)


A booking can only be canceled in writing by the Group Leader, and it will only be regarded as having been canceled once such notice has been received.

The following cancellations charges apply:


To try to keep as many of the group together and near as feasible, hotel bookings are requested from lodging providers on a triple or bigger room size basis. The room types used are normally triple and twin rooms, but they might be larger depending on the lodging provider. Please be sure to let us know about any special requests for room types when making your reservation because we might not be able to do so later. Any requests for a disability room must be made known to us at the time of booking because there are only a few of these accommodation types available.

The organiser will be notified and this will be put to your itinerary if a group needs to be split across two or more houses. Please be aware that the lodging provider determines room assignments at the time of booking depending on availability and group size. If your group size grows or shrinks from the initial reservation, the lodging provider will adjust the number of rooms as necessary to accommodate the new number of guests. Most lodging providers charge a single supplement fee for single room requests, which is paid directly to the provider upon arrival.

Please be advised that if one invitee requests a single room, it may necessitate the availability of a single for the other invitee, who will then be charged the single supplement cost. Any requests for single rooms should be communicated to us at the time of booking.

Your Package

A fully comprehensive itinerary will only be given to your email account after full payment has been received. Your entire weekend is described here, including with timings, dates, maps, etc.

Access is at the discretion of the venues; kilkennyweekends.com cannot accept responsibility if you are denied entry.

kilkennyweekends.com reserves the right to modify your package, but we’ll always let you know if there are any changes.

Alterations Made by You

Any suggestions for changes within the group are always welcome. Please notify us of any changes as soon as possible. However, kilkennyweekends.com cannot be held liable if it is already too late.

A cost of €55 will be charged for any modifications made to a reservation, including adjustments to dates, hours, events, and locations.

Payment Protection

Your funds are held in trust by kilkennyweekends.com in a different bank account.

Room Allocation

The accommodation provider decides how many rooms to assign. Due to variations in group sizes within a group, we cannot be held liable for how the rooms are set up.

Health & Safety

You are obliged to respect your surroundings and the people around you despite the fact that our suppliers are aware of the characteristics and likely intentions of same-sex groups. Any vendors or hotels have the right to end your stay or activity without warning if they fear vandalism, violence, or other actions they deem unsuitable. In such circumstances, all insurances will be void and you won’t be eligible for any sort of reimbursement.

Any mishap or accident that occurs when a member of your group is intoxicated by alcohol or drugs is not our responsibility. Please be informed that upon check-in, some hotels may request that a behavior “bond” be put on hold using a credit card or cash. At the conclusion of the activity or accommodation, no money will be reimbursed if there is any damage or complaints regarding the party.

The behavior bond will be reduced if other guests need to be reimbursed as a result of complaints. If the bond money is insufficient, the remaining funds will be taken from the group leader’s credit card. We will make every effort to let you know in advance if this might happen, but in some extremely rare circumstances, this might not be possible. When settling your final balance, kindly consult with us first.

You hereby agree to hold us harmless from any damage or injury claim if you or any group members elect not to get travel insurance. You and your group members participate totally at your own risk.


When making a reservation through kilkennyweekends.com, all group leaders accept complete responsibility for every group member. All groups are expected to act appropriately at all times toward all participants in the activity, guests at the hotel or nightclub, other group members, and members of the general public.

The provider has the discretion to cancel any of the reservations without prior notice if any group members pose a threat to or interfere with the safety of anybody else, whether they are members of the group or members of the general public. Accommodation providers have the option to ask any groups to vacate the premises without giving the group a refund.

When checking into a hotel, every group is required to present a valid credit card or a cash security deposit. This is in the event that the group causes any property damage or causes noise complaints from any hotel guests.

kilkennyweekends.com is not responsible for the cash security deposit held by the supplier. If, for any reason, your deposit is not refunded, this is at the sole discretion of the accommodation supplier and needs to be brought up with them. We are unable to get back any form of deposit on behalf of any clients.

Alteration Made by Us

If for any reason, including dangerous weather circumstances, we feel that your safety is in danger, we retain the right to cancel any portion of your event. If this happens, we’ll try our best to find a new date for the event. In the event of bad weather, we are not required to issue any reimbursements.

War or threat of war, rioting, civil unrest, terrorism, labor conflicts, natural or nuclear disasters, fire, technical issues, or any other situation beyond our control shall not constitute grounds for refunds.

A 15% administrative fee will be deducted from any refunds given by kilkennyweekends.com to the group organiser or invitee.


There are some activities that include some risk, including but not limited to auto sports, water sports, air sports, and all forms of shooting. kilkennyweekends.com disclaims all liability for any harm or loss sustained by clients, their visitors, colleagues, or agents while at the event. By using kilkennyweekends.com to make a reservation, you agree that the websites will make arrangements on your behalf for activities that may include some level of risk.